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Our seizure response dogs assist people with epilepsy and can be trained to seek help, activate an emergency response system, and fetch a phone or medication


Alert Dogs UK: training dogs to save lives

Epilepsy is a common but serious neurological condition affecting more than half a million people in the UK. The majority of those affected can control their seizures with medication, but for those who can't, a response dog may provide help, support and security.


For clients experiencing generalised seizures, our response dogs can be trained to alert for help, activate an emergency response system, and retrieve a medical pack or telephone.


For clients experiencing focal seizures, the presence of a response dog in its working harness in public can provide reassurance and act as a signpost to strangers to behave more appropriately to a client's potentially unusual behaviour.


Alert Dogs UK do not train dogs to predict or warn for oncoming seizures. While we understand anecdotally that some dogs over time do learn to anticipate their owner's seizures and to alert for them, this mechanism is currently poorly understood and we believe more research is needed.




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